Welcome to the beginning of a diverse apparel brand featuring various capsule collections designed by Brielle (Brie, aka theelfinartist on instagram) to clothe you in the unique story of your own silhouette's aesthetic.

Brie (a queer, non-binary "elfin artist") is the founder, designer, and head of this one-man-run brand and has a burning passion to tell stories and shape silhouettes through everything they create. Having their own line of clothing and accessories has been a dream since before they can remember, and a huge goal after they graduated Fashion/Costume design school in 2019.
At the moment, Brie is beginning their brand with unique shirts and hand-crafted fashion masks (MASC), but they plan to branch out to personally designed garments and other apparel to invent new silhouettes of their own.
Please look forward to many mini-collections featuring various aesthetics and themes that Brie finds inspiration from!



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